Thursday, 24 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 24. Gerund or Infinitive. Extra Grammar Exercise 2

Put the correct form of the verb in brackets, either gerund or infinitive, in each of the spaces in these sentences.

1.I couldn’t resist _______________ (go) to see that new exhibition at the National Gallery.
2.Please forgive my _______________ (mention) it, but I think you are sitting on my hat.
3.I refuse _______________ (accept) the idea of selling that painting, it’s been in my family for generations.
4.I’ve heard that Tom intends _______________ (invest) in 1980s furniture which is becoming very collectable.
5.I was completely shocked _______________ (learn) that my old vase was quite valuable.
6.Do you think it’s worth _______________ (travel) all the way to Paris to see the Cézanne exhibition?
7.What the designer forgot _______________ (mention) was the price she wants for the commission.
8.I have arranged for you _______________ (borrow) that art book rather than have the expense of _______________ (buy) it.
9.Would you mind _______________ (tidy) up your room a bit before you go out, please?
10. I can’t face _______________ (listen) to another hour of this concert, I’m going home!
11. I can’t be bothered _______________ (catch) the bus, let’s take a taxi.
12. Should you happen _______________ (see) Phil, could you tell him I’m looking for him?
13. I’m inclined _______________ (agree) with my father, who has no time for Picasso.
14. I resent your _______________ (suggest) that my work is not original.
15. Has Molly considered _______________ (visit) the Prado while she’s in Madrid?
16. Like many artists, Joshua cannot tolerate people _______________ (criticise) his work.
17. Is Gail counting on _______________ (get) a grant when she goes to art school?
18. Jason often pretends _______________ (be) unemployed, but actually he’s a graphic designer.
19. Don’t attempt _______________ (take) that picture out of its frame, you might damage it.
20. Alison generally appreciates _______________ (be) told when her work is not up to standard.


1. going

2. mentioning

3. to accept

4. to invest/ investing

5. to learn

6. travelling

7. to mention

8. to borrow


9. tidying

10. listening

11. to catch

12. to see

13. to agree

14. suggesting

15. visiting

16. criticising

17. getting

18. to be

19. to take

20. being

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