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Speakout Advanced p 12. Personality Adjectives. Extra Vocabulary exercise

Fill in the gaps with the words given below. Only use each word once.

selfish             bad-tempered             tough                   crafty                 sensitive
sensible          strict                            trustworthy         dull                     shy
mean               reliable                       stubborn              silly                    nice
cheerful          sympathetic                clumsy                 loyal                   gentle

1. Janet is incredibly_____________ . She always arrives on time and does
her job well.
2. It’s impossible to say anything to his grandmother. One word and she starts crying. She is so ________________.
3. I wonder why he is so ________________ . He has got lots of money but he
hates spending it.
4. When she was a child, her parents were incredibly _____________ .
Whenever she did the smallest thing wrong, they would send her to bed.
5. Ann is such a_________________ girl. She is always laughing and smiling.
6. I’ll give you a lift home if you are______________________ to me.
7. She was so _______________ and understanding. When I told her about my
problems, I immediately felt better afterwards.
8. In westerns, the hero is always __________________ . He always beats his
enemies and can put up with any hardship.
9. That’s the second plate you’ve broken this week. Why do you have to be so ________________?
10. I think he is an extremely ______________ boy. He laughs at stupid
things and never concentrates in class.
11. Children are often really _____________ . They hide behind their
mothers when guests come.
12. Don’t be __________________ Cathy. You’ve got to learn to share things
with other children.
13. She is 100% ___________________ . I’d leave my money, car, anything, for her
to look after.
14. When I broke my leg, the nurse was so_________________ that she hardly
hurt me at all.
15. Why do you get angry all the time? You are so_______________ .
16. Bob is my best friend. He remained ___________________ through all my problems.
17. He is such a ______________ person with his boring little job and his
boring little wife.
18. He is terribly _______________ . Once he has made up his mind, it’s
impossible to get him to change it even if it’s obvious that he is wrong.
19. The general was really ______________ . Just when the enemy thought it had won the battle, he played his best card.
20. Come on, Maria! You can’t go on a country walk wearing high heels. Do be ________________ for once.


1. reliable

2. sensitive

3. mean

4. strict

5. cheerful

6. nice

7. sympathetic

8. tough

9. clumsy

10. silly

11. shy

12. selfish

13. trustworthy

14. gentle

15. bad-tempered

16. loyal

17. dull

18. stubborn

19. crafty

20. sensible

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