Thursday, 24 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 24. Gerunds and Infinitives. Extra speaking

A. Have a natural conversation with a partner about the pictures above and the questions below.

  1. What kind of household chores don’t you mind doing?
  2.  Do you mind going to the dentist? Why / Why not?
  3. Do you spend a lot of time reading in English? What do you read?
  4. Do you prefer going to the cinema or watching DVDs? Why / Why not?
  5. Has your decision to do something ever led others to have an opportunity to do something else that otherwise wouldn't have done?
  6. Have you ever been encouraged to do something you were at first reluctant to do and then you were pleased to have done?
  7. What kind of job do you hope to have in five years’ time?
  8. Have you planned to go on holiday soon?
  9. Do you mind people smoking next to you at bus stops, etc…?
  10.  What age were you when you started going to school? Talk about what you vividly remember your first teacher doing.
  11.  When was the last time someone urged you to have dinner together and you couldn't refuse to go?
  12.  Do you generally feel like going out on a wintery day? Why / Why not?
  13. Do you enjoy speaking English? Why / Why not?   
  14.  What do men waste time doing in Spain? What about women?
  15.  What do you think you should stop doing and what could you start doing instead?
  16.  Talk about things you sometimes forget to do, and why you should remember to do them.
  17.  Talk about difficult things you’ve tried to do, but didn’t succeed in doing.
  18.  Talk about interesting things you remember doing as a child, and why you liked doing them.
B. Monologue. Talk about the questions given.
Student A
  1.  Speak about rock bands you have watched perform live or on TV, and what you heard them play.
  2.  What are you looking forward to doing shortly?
  3.  When was the last time someone denied having done something you saw them do?
Student B
  1.  Has it ever happened to you that something you expected to be done in a week ended up taking a month or more
  2. Does watching TV or reading a book help you relax? What else do you do to unwind after a busy day?
  3. Do you appreciate being told when you make a mistake or do you detest being corrected?

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