Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 168. Eating and Drinking. Vocabulary

Side disha small amount of food, for example a salad, served with the main course of a meal. Synonymside order. E.g. a side dish of fresh vegetables.

Raging: /ˈreɪdʒɪŋ/ very strong. E.g. a raging appetite/thirst. Raging jealousy.Raging hunger: hambre atroz.

Quench: /kwentʃ/ quench your thirst: to drink so that you no longer feel thirsty. Saciar la sed.  
Quench something (formal): to stop a fire from burning.  Synonym: extinguish. E.g. firemen tried to quench the flames raging (spreading very quickly) through the building. 

Faint: feeling weak and tired and likely to become unconscious.Débil, mareado. E.g. she suddenly felt faint. The walkers were faint from hunger. Feel faint with hunger (estar desfallecido de hambre).

Pick at something: to eat food slowly, taking small amounts or bites because you are not hungry. E.g. she sat at the table in silence, picking at her dinner. Pick at food. To pick at one's food: picar, comer sin ganas. 

Gulp something down: to swallow large amounts of food or drink quickly. Engullir, tomarse de un trago. E.g. he gulped down the rest of his tea and went out. Gulp down food.

A soft drink: a cold drink that does not contain alcohol. Refresco.

Celebratory: /ˌseləˈbreɪtəri/ celebrating something or marking a special occasion.E.g. a celebratory drink/dinner. We had a celebratory drink: nos tomamos una copa para celebrarlo.

Work sth up: to develop or improve something with some effort. E.g. I can't work up any enthusiasm for his idea. She went for a long walk to work up an appetite (abrir el apetito).

Fussy: too concerned or worried about details or standards, especially unimportant ones. E.g. fussy parents. Fussy (about something): Our teacher is very fussy about punctuation. 
She's such a fussy eater (tiquismiquis).‘Where do you want to go for lunch?’ ‘I'm not fussy (= I don't mind: me da lo mismo).

Eater: (usually after an adjective or a noun) a person or an animal that eats a particular thing or in a particular way. E.g. we're not great meat eaters.He's a big eater (= he eats a lot).

Stomach: /ˈstʌmək/ E.g. it's not a good idea to drink (= alcohol) on an empty stomach (= without having eaten anything).You shouldn't exercise on a full stomach.

Meal: E.g. Try not to eat between meals.Lunch is his main meal of the day. To go out for a meal (= to go to a restaurant to have a meal). What time would you like your evening meal? Enjoy your meal. A three-course meal.
A ready meal: a meal that you buy already prepared and which only needs to be heated before you eat it. Comida preparada. E.g. Heat up a ready meal.
A square meal: a good, satisfying meal. Comida completa, decente. E.g. he looks as though he hasn't had a square meal for weeks.

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