Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 155. Doing What Comes Naturally. Vocabulary


To dismount: to get off a horse, bicycle or motorcycle.

seater: a vehicle, an aircraft or a piece of furniture with seats for two people.

Unmistakable: that cannot be mistaken for sby/sthg else.

Mammal: any animal that gives birth to live babies, not eggs, and feeds its young on milk. Cows, humans and whales are all mammals.

Peerless: better than all others of its kind.

Appalled: feeling or showing horror or disgust at sthg unpleasant or wrong.

To handle: to deal with a situation, a person, an area of work or a strong emotion. To touch, hold or move sthg with your hands.

Pole: a long thin straight piece of wood or metal, especially one with the end placed in the ground, used as a support.

To dump: to get rid of sthg you do not want, especially in a place which is not suitable. To put sthg down in a careless or untidy way.

To slam: to shut, or to make sthg shut, with a lot of force, making a loud noise.

Lid: a cover over a container that can be removed or opened by turning it or lifting it.

Forthcoming: willing to give information about sthg.

Limelight: the centre of public attention.

Screen: the large flat surface that films / movies or pictures are shown on.

Footage: part of a film showing a particular event.

Mole rat: a small animal with dark grey fur, that is almost blind and digs tunnels under the ground to live in. Topo.

Damp: slightly wet, often in a way that is unpleasant.

Disquieting: (formal) causing worry and unhappiness.

Leech: a small worm that usually lives in water and that attaches itself to other creatures and sucks their blood. Leeches were used in the past by doctors to remove blood from sick people. Sanguijuela.

Downplay: to make people think that sthg is less important than it really is.

To read: to study at university.

Footprints: a mark left on a surface by a person’s foot or shoe or by an animal’s foot.

Chap: (BrE, informal, becoming old-fashioned) used to talk about a man in a friendly way.

To rocket up: to increase very quickly and suddenly.

Ranks: the position, especially a high position, that sby has in a particular organisation, society, etc.

Unpromising: not likely to be successful or show good results.

To come down with: to get an illness that is not very serious.

To enlighten: (formal) to give sby information so that they understand sthg better. Enlightening: adjective.

Counter to: n the opposite direction to sthg; in opposition to sthg.

To mull over: to spend time thinking carefully about a plan or proposal. To consider.

To scald: to burn yourself or part of your body with very hot liquid or steam.

To teem: to be full of people, animals, etc. moving around.

To thrive: to become, and continue to be, successful, strong, healthy, etc. To flourish.

To blossom: to produce blossom. Blossom: a flower or a mass of flowers, especially on a fruit tree or bush.

To tame: to make sthg tame or easy to control. Tame: (of animals, birds, etc.) not afraid of people, and used to living with them.

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