Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 113 Going It Alone. Vocabulary

Urge: a strong desire to do sthg.

There must be more to life than: There are more important things in life than…

To hand in one’s notice: formally tell your employer that you want to stop working for them.

Truck: lorry.

Tough: having or causing problems or difficulties. Difficult.

To muck in: to share food, accommodation, etc. with other people.

To do one’s bit: (informal) to do your share of a task.

Mud: wet earth that is soft and sticky.

To take to sby: to start liking sby/sthg.

Straightaway: immediately.

To disrupt: to make it difficult for sthg to continue in the normal way.

To surround: to be all around sthg/sby.

To turn out to: to be discovered to be; to prove to be.

To gel: (of two or more people) to work well together; to form a successful group.

To book oneself onto sthg: to arrange with a hotel, restaurant, theatre, etc. to have a room, table, seat, etc. on a particular date.

To acclimatise: to get used to a new place, situation or climate.

To take an instant dislike to sby: a feeling of not liking sby/sthg.

To make it: to succeed in reaching a place in time, especially when this is difficult.

Relief: the feeling of happiness that you have when sthg unpleasant stops or does not happen.

To pull out: to make sby/sthg move away from sthg or stop being involved in it.

Break: a short period of time when you stop what you are doing and rest, eat, etc.

To hit it off with sby: (informal) to have a good friendly relationship with sby.

Background: the details of a person’s family, education, experience etc.

Walk of life: a person’s job or position in society.

To suit: to make sthg appropriate for sthg/sby.

Backpack: rucksack.

Buzz: (informal) a strong feeling of pleasure, excitement or achievement.

To tag along: to go somewhere with sby, especially when you have not been asked or invited.

To strike up: to begin a friendship, a relationship, a conversation, etc.

To rough it: (informal) to live in a way that is not very comfortable for a short time.

To pamper: (sometimes disapproving) to take care of sby very well and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Spa: a place where water with minerals in it, which is considered to be good for your health, comes up naturally out of the ground; the name given to a town that has such a place and where there are, or were, places where people could drink the water.

Facial: a beauty treatment in which a person’s face is cleaned using creams, steam, etc. in order to improve the quality of the skin.

To go off: to leave a place, especially in order to do sthg.

Steady: developing, growing, etc. gradually and in an even and regular way. Constant, regular.

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