Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 145. Word Formation: Vocabulary

Drawback: a disadvantage or problem that makes something a less attractive idea. Inconveniente. E.g. the main drawback to it is the cost. This is the one major drawback of the new system.

Downside: the disadvantages or less positive aspects of something.Inconveniente, desventaja Opposite: upside. E.g. On the downside, it is expensive. What's the downside of your idea?, ¿cuál es el lado negativo de tu propuesta?

Outburst: a sudden strong expression of an emotion. E.g. an outburst of anger. Arrebato.

Downpour: a heavy fall of rain that often starts suddenly.Aguacero, tromba de agua.

Upturn: a situation in which something improves or increases over a period of time. Mejora. Opposite:
Downturn (bajón). E.g. an upturn in the economy. A sharp upturn in the number of tourists visiting the capital. Their fortunes have taken an upturn. The restaurant trade is on the upturn.

Outbreak: the sudden start of something unpleasant, especially violence or a disease. Brote, estallido, comienzo. E.g. the outbreak of war. An outbreak of typhoid. Outbreaks of rain are expected in the afternoon.

Insight (into something): an understanding of what something is like. Conocimiento de alguna cosa. E.g. the book gives us fascinating insights into life in Mexico. I hope you have gained some insight into the difficulties we face.

Outcome: the result or effect of an action or event. E.g. we are waiting to hear the final outcome of the negotiations.

Setback: a difficulty or problem that delays or prevents something, or makes a situation worse. Contratiempo, revés. E.g. the team suffered a major setback when their best player was injured. The breakdown in talks represents a temporary setback in the peace process. Synonym: Upset: a situation in which there are problems or difficulties, especially when these are unexpected: e.g the company has survived the recent upset in share prices.

Output: the amount of something that a person, a machine or an organization produces. Producción. E.g. manufacturing output has increased by 8%.

Upbringing: the way in which a child is cared for and taught how to behave while it is growing up. Educación, crianza.  E.g. to have had a sheltered upbringing. He was a Catholic by upbringing.

Breakdown: a failure of a relationship, discussion or system. Ruptura, fallo. E.g. the breakdown of a marriage. Marriage breakdown. A breakdown in communications. The breakdown of the negotiations was not unexpected. The breakdown of law and order.

Turnout: the number of people who attend a particular event. Participación. E.g. This year's festival attracted a record turnout.

Loot: to steal things from shops/stores or buildings after a riot, fire, etc. Saquear. E.g. more than 20 shops were looted.

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