Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 119. Anger. Extra Speaking

Ready for CAE Ss p 119. Anger. Extra Speaking
Useful language:
- blow a fuse(informal) to get very angry

- irate: very angry

- cross: annoyed or quite angry (enfadado):
I was cross with him for being late. Please don’t get cross. Let me explain

- go berserk: /bər'sɜ:rk / || /bə'sɜ:k/ ponerse como una fiera

- blow your top (BrE) (NAmE blow your stack)(informal) to get very angry

- outburst of anger: (arrebato) a sudden strong expression of an emotion:
an outburst of anger. She was alarmed by his violent outburst.

- let off steam: (desfogarse, desahogarse). (informal) to get rid of your energy, anger or strong emotions by doing sth active or noisy.

- tantrum: a sudden short period of angry, unreasonable behaviour, especially in a child (pataleta, berrinche, rabieta):
to have / throw a tantrum. Children often have temper tantrums at the age of two or thereabouts

- lose / keep your temper (with sb)to fail / manage to control your anger:
She lost her temper with a customer and shouted at him. I struggle to keep my temper with the kids when they misbehave.

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