Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 125. Listening: Waxwork Sculptor. Vocabulary

Like: (n)a person or thing that is similar to another:
jazz, rock and the like (= similar types of music)
the likes of sb/sth (informal) used to refer to sb/sth that is considered as a type, especially one that is considered as good as sb/sth else:
She didn’t want to associate with the likes of me.

- netting: material that is made of string, thread or wire twisted or tied together, with spaces in between:
wire netting
- rod: barra
- clay: arcilla
- plaster: yeso
- hey presto: (ta-da) something that people say when they have just done sth so quickly and easily that it seems to have been done by magic:
You just press the button and, hey presto, a perfect cup of coffee!
2 something that people say just before they finish a magic trick

- roughly: approximately but not exactly
- touch up: touch sth up: (retocar) to improve sth by changing or adding to it slightly:
She was busy touching up her make-up in the mirror

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