Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 128. Vocabulary

Bright and cheerful: e.g. a bright and cheerful mothers day card.

Airy: /ˈeəri/ with plenty of fresh air because there is a lot of space. E.g. the office was light and airy.

Neat and tidy: e.g. he always keeps his desk neat and tidy.

Dingy: /ˈdɪndʒi/ dark and dirty. E.g. the nightclub was in a dark and dingy basement in central Manchester where you couldn't see more than 6 inches in front of your face because of the smoke.

Cosy: /ˈkəʊzi/ warm, comfortable and safe, especially because of being small. E.g. I felt warm and cosy sitting by the fire. A cosy little room.

Cramped: /kræmpt/a cramped room, etc. does not have enough space for the people in it. E.g. we are working in cramped conditions.
Cluttered: /ˈklʌtəd/ covered with, or full of, a lot of things or people, in a way that is untidy. E.g. a cluttered room/desk.
Cramped and cluttered: e.g. a small kitchen can feel cramped and cluttered

Sparsely: only present in small amounts or numbers and often spread over a large area. Escasamente, dispersamente. E.g. a sparsely furnished room.

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