Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 114. Listening: Thomas Cook. Vocabulary

- Promote temperance
temperance /'tempərəns/ n uncountable
1(old-fashioned) the practice of not drinking alcohol because of your moral or religious beliefs. (alcohol avoidance) abstinencia f de bebidas.
2 (formal) the practice of controlling your behaviour, the amount you eat, etc., so that it is always reasonable (templanza , moderación)
SYN moderation
3 ‹movement› antialcohólico

- To trace the origins of
Trace: trace sb/sth (to sth) to find or discover sb/sth by looking carefully for them / it
SYN track down:
We finally traced him to an address in Chicago.
2 trace sth (back) (to sth) to find the origin or cause of sth:
She could trace her family tree back to the 16th century.

- hit on: to think of a good idea suddenly or by chance:
She hit upon/on the perfect title for her new novel

- He handed in his notice/resignation: to hand in your notice / resignation (= formally tell your employer that you want to stop working for them)

- Wood turner: Woodturning (torneado de madera) differs from most other forms of woodworking in that the wood is moving while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it. Many intricate shapes and designs can be made by turning wood.

- He tried his hand at printing
try your hand (at sth)to do sth such as an activity or a sport for the first time (intentar, probar)

- This religious streak led him to become a member of the Temperance society
Streak: a series of successes or failures, especially in a sport or in gambling (racha):
a streak of good luck. to hit (= have) a winning streak. to be on a winning / losing streak. a lucky / unlucky streak.

- He packed them off on the 8.15 to a temperance meeting
pack sb off (to … )(informal) to send sb somewhere, especially because you do not want them with you (enviar, mandar):
My parents always packed me off to bed early.

- the world is your oyster: there is no limit to the opportunities open to you

- By the early 1860s he’d moved upmarket.
Upmarket: designed for or used by people who belong to a high social class or have a lot of money:
an upmarket restaurant
OPP downmarket
upmarket (BrE) (NAmE upscale) adverb:
The company has been forced to move more upmarket.
de categoría, para gente pudiente
upmarket adverbio: to go ~ subir de categoría

- famed for its beautiful scenery
Famed: adjective
famed (for sth) very well known
SYN renowned:
Las Vegas, famed for its casinos. a famed poet and musician

- He issued them with “circular notes”
issue sth (to sb) issue sb with sth to give sth to sb, especially officially:
to issue passports / visas / tickets. New members will be issued with a temporary identity card. Work permits were issued to only 5% of those who applied for them.

Circular note: traveller’s cheque

- Taking on responsibility for: to agree to be responsible for sth/sb (encargarse de):
I can’t take on any extra work.
Bite off more than you can chew

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