Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ready for CAE p 118. Listening: Road Rage. Vocabulary

- Rage: [U, C] a feeling of violent anger that is difficult to control:
His face was dark with rage. to be shaking / trembling / speechless with rage. Sue stormed out of the room in a rage. He flies into a rage if you even mention the subject.
2 [U] (in compounds) anger and violent behaviour caused by a particular situation:
a case of trolley rage in the supermarket.
road rage: noun[U] a situation in which a driver becomes extremely angry or violent with the driver of another car because of the way they are driving

- deceive sb (into doing sth) to make sb believe sth that is not true:
Her husband had been deceiving her for years
deceive yourself: to refuse to admit to yourself that sth unpleasant is true:
[vn] You’re deceiving yourself if you think he’ll change his mind.

- blow a fuse(informal): to get very angry

- work sb / yourself up (into sth)to make sb/yourself reach a state of great excitement, anger, etc.:
Don’t work yourself up into a state about it. It isn’t worth it. What are you so worked up about? (ponerse nervioso)

- cut sb/sth up(BrE) to suddenly drive in front of another vehicle in a dangerous way

- be / get caught up in sth: to become involved in sth, especially when you do not want to be:
Innocent passers-by got caught up in the riots.

- Carry out: llevar a cabo

- evenly: with equal amounts for each person or in each place (uniformemente):
evenly distributed / divided. Incidence of the disease is fairly evenly spread across Europe.

- mileage /'maɪlɪdʒ/ sustantivo
1. (Auto) countable or uncountable distancia f recorrida (en millas), ≈ kilometraje m

- motorist: /'məʊtərɪst/ a person driving a car
(automovilista , conductor, -tora). Motorista(que va en moto) motorcyclist [ˈməʊt ə ˌsaɪk lɪst]

- trigger sth (off) to make sth happen suddenly (provocar)
SYN set off:
Nuts can trigger off a violent allergic reaction

- Crawl (gatear, ir a gatas): to move forward very slowly:
The traffic was crawling along. The weeks crawled by

- coin a term (acuñar un término): to invent a new word or phrase that other people then begin to use:
The term ‘cardboard city’ was coined to describe communities of homeless people living in cardboard boxes.

- Kit: equipo, cosas: a set of tools or equipment that you use for a particular purpose:
a first-aid kit.

- rashly: precipitadamente: doing sth that may not be sensible without first thinking about the possible results; done in this way.
SYN: recklessly:
He admitted driving recklessly

- praise: to express your approval or admiration for sb/sth (elogiar, alabar)
SYN compliment

- Considerately: thoughtfully

- erratic: not happening at regular times; not following any plan or regular pattern; that you cannot rely on (imprevisible)
SYN unpredictable:
The electricity supply here is quite erratic. She had learnt to live with his sudden changes of mood and erratic behaviour

- Irate: [aɪˈreɪt] very angry (airado, furioso):
irate customers

- Composure: /kəm'pəʊʒər /
compostura. the state of being calm and in control of your feelings or behaviour:
to keep / lose / recover / regain your composure

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