Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Speakout Advanced p 93. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 4A
a) The capsule was supposed to be opened in 2007

b) His capsule was to remain hidden for the foreseeable future

c) The other wasn't going to be touched for five thousand years.

d) It was to have been the world's biggest time capsule.

a) was supposed to

c) wasn't going to

d) was to have been

They were going to leave these untouched (It describes a plan that did not become reality)

The crypt wasn't meant to be opened until 8113 (It describes a plan that did not become reality)

One of them would be opened regularly

In years to come someone would find such glories of our time.

Ex 4B

1 was/were

2 was/were

3 was/were


p 143
Ex 1







Ex 2

1 We were about to ascend the mountain when snow started to fall.

2 Correct.

3 Melissa meant to tell you about the dinner invitation but she forgot.

4 We were to have taken the 6.02 train to Manchester but it was cancelled

5. She got sick when she was on the verge of becoming a superstar.

6 Correct.

7 Thompson then travelled to Bali, where he would later meet his sixth wife.

8 I was but hoping to work with Donna again, but she left the company.

9 Correct.

l0 I was to meet Daley and his gang in the subway at midnight.

Ex 5

1 Our time capsule was to be opened in 2020.

 2 The document wasn't to be seen until 2050.

3 The safe was supposed to be locked for ten years ...

4 We were going to visit Montevideo...

5 It was to have been the world's biggest outdoor festival...

6 Jim went to Peru, where he would live for twenty years.

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