Thursday, 16 January 2014

Speakout Advanced p 108. Keys and Vocabulary

p 145
Ex 1
1 c)

2 b)

3 b)
public-spirited: willing to do things that will help other people in society. E.g. a public-spirited act. That was very public-spirited of you.

4 a)

5 c)

6 b)

7 c)

8 a)

9 c)

Ex 2
1 I just grab a sandwich to eat quickly at lunchtime if I'm in a hurry.

2 In the evenings my husband and I generally sit in front of the television too tired to talk.

3 I always carefully plan anything I write in English to reduce the number of mistakes.

4 Unfortunately, I consistently spend too much time in front of the computer.

5 They met online and enjoyed each other's company for a while.

6 I took up painting about six months ago to help me relax.

7 I left my things on the kitchen table when I left this morning.

8 I'll probably have more time to see my friends when my exams are finished.

Ex 7A
2 f) We regularly go walking in the mountains near our house during the holidays.

3 a) I can easily change the appointment for you to make it more convenient. / I can easily change the appointment to make it more convenient for you.

4 b) I generally like to facebook friends in the evenings when I'm at home to find out what they've been doing.

5 e) I usually like to take things easy at the weekends.

6 c) I'll probably try to visit my family next time I'm in the area.

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