Saturday, 25 January 2014

Speakout Advanced p 117. Luton Airport. Extra Listening

Luton Airport

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate Word or expression:
1.    With bad weather across Europe, Kevin is going to have his _______.
2.    They have had a number of ____________ because of the bad weather in Paris and Amsterdam, which does a _______________ with other flights.
3.    Raymond and Linda's special weekend away is in _____________
4.    Linda complains that she hasn't got any _____________ left on.
5.    Kevin tells the woman from Seattle that they are trying to find a bigger aircraft, so that they can ______________ two smaller ___________.
6.    Some passengers are looking for the sort of _______________ that is not ______________ in the terminal.
7.    Kevin tells them not to ____________ the ball around, or _____________ it.
8.    Kevin says that not only is it difficult to find a 757, but also to get ______________________ to operate it
9.    Kevin tells the woman from Seattle to listen to the _________________.
10.                      She says that she does not want to sound like an American who has to be _________________

1.    hands full

2.    cancellations, knock-on effect

3.    jeopardy

4.    make-up

5.    accommodate, 


6.    entertainment, 


7.    kick, 


8.    flight crew

9.    Tannoy announcements

10.                      pampered

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