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Speakout Advanced p 102. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1A

for/in the foreseeable future
for/in the period of time when you can predict what is going to happen, based on the present circumstances. E.g. The statue will remain in the museum for the foreseeable future. It's unlikely that the hospital will be closed in the foreseeable future (= soon). 

be about to do something: to be close to doing something; to be going to do something very soon. E.g. I was just about to ask you the same thing.

at/from the outset (of something)
at/from the beginning of something. E.g. I made it clear right from the outset that I disapproved. You should have made that clear right at the outset.

to come: in the future. E.g. films that would inspire generations to come.  In years to come. 
Ex 2A

1. meant to

2. was to have

3. were meant

4. going to

5. was planning

6. were supposed

7. was going to

Ex 3A
1. not

2. have

3. so

4. there

5. can't

6. not


Ex 3B
1 Do you, No I

2 Are you

3 Do you, Yes I

 4 It's

5 Will we

6 Do you

Ex 4
1 holds

2 brings

3 vague

4 distinctly

5 flooding
flood: (of feeling thought) to affect somebody suddenly and strongly. E.g. A great sense of relief flooded over him. Memories of her childhood came flooding back. Flood somebody with something The words flooded him with self-pity.

6 earliest
Ex 5A
1 a good

2 thought of

3 makes perfect

4 having said

5 that's true

6 another way

7 know what

8 other hand
fend for yourself to take care of yourself without help from anyone else. E.g. His parents agreed to pay the rent for his apartment but otherwise left him to fend for himself. The fox was released into the wild when it was old enough to fend for itself.

9 I'm with

10 Mind you
Mind you:
  1. introduce something that should be taken into consideration. Sp. Recuerda
  2. add something to what you have just said, especially something that makes it less strong. Sp. a decir verdad.
  3. draw attention to an important fact that is important to a statement.
  4. Similar to "on the other hand": E.g. Teenagers today are terribly rude. Mind you, I was probably just as bad when I was that age.

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