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Speakout Advanced p 117. My Worst Flight Ever. Collocations

Sample Collocations adverb + adjective
To suggest that there should be a total ban on smoking is utterly ridiculous.
Dozens of homes have been completely destroyed in the floods.
Children get terribly excited when they fly for the first time.
He was awfully drunk. It was an embarrassment to have him there.
She's awfully pretty, don't you think? The most striking person on the plane!
She was absolutely starving so the flight attendant gave her some food
China is the most heavily populated country in the world.
Some pilots are highly qualified.                                                                               
This mistake is perfectly understandable.
The flight attendants were deeply hurt by the storm of abuse they received.
It was bitterly cold in the biting winds and after hours of sightseeing we were keen to find the quickest and easiest way back to our hotel.
We entered a richly decorated room for VIP passengers.                                          
Are you fully aware of the implications of your action?
She was wearing a brightly coloured dress, with red and yellow stripes.
When I talked to her she was understandably nervous — for several reasons, no doubt. If she missed that plane, she would have to wait for at least one more week.
Tourism is a particularly important business.
I started to wonder how I would get those 'excruciatingly painful and infuriating' cactus needles off of me.
I once had to endure an eight hour flight, seated between two people with hideously strong body odour
My worst flight was my last flight to California, on the way over someone had a heart attack and we had to make an emergency landing (I guess it was that passenger’s worst flight too). I was ok with the delay to save someone’s life but after adding on 3 hours to flight time I became ravenously hungry.
Everyone has a horror story about a bad flight on an airplane. I’ve been a flight attendant for 18 years and I’ve had some really bad flights, believe me — everything from truly terrifying weather to sickness and deaths on board. But one flight stands out in my memory for sheer misery.
Fully awake now and miserable at my conclusion that I will NEVER be able to sleep on a plane, I quickly stood up and walked to the bathroom.
I left the toilet still feeling utterly nauseous.
verb + adverb                                                                                      
A flight attendant whispered softly in another flight attendant's ear.                          
She placed the drinks gently on the trays.                                                                         
I vaguely remember that it was growing dark when we left.                                           
I was really hoping things went smoothly on the 7 Hour flight.                               
I do not usually feel poorly on a plane.
Having managed to uncomfortably sleep with a metal buckle in my lower back for about forty minutes, all of a sudden I was woken up by the in-flight announcements. Not the informative type but the scratch card type of announcements, which bothered me even more.
I truly felt that I was about to faint.
adjective + noun                                                                              
Flying gives me a real buzz
buzz: a strong feeling of pleasure, excitement or achievement. A buzz of excitement/expectation. She gets a buzz out of her work.You can sense the creative buzz in the city.
To say that we'll be landing on Jupiter in 2010 is utter nonsense.                   
The flight attendants gave us red roses, which came as a complete surprise.           
His sudden death came as a terrible shock to all passengers.                                      
It was an awful shame that she was unable to come with me on this flight.
She was in absolute agony and obviously very frightened. She told the flight attendant in floods of tears, “I just can't stand this any more”.
I've had this achy pain throughout my entire body for the last two hours.
I am not surprised that food poisoning is becoming a major problem.
The flight attendant seemed to be a caring person.
All passengers liked that flight attendant because of her boundless enthusiasm.
We arrived at the gate about 5 p.m. for our 11-hour flight back to the United States, only to discover that we had a half-hour mechanical delay.
The passenger needed further medical attention and needed to be taken off the plane.
As the passengers disembark, they hurled endless verbal abuse, threatened and pushed the crew members; one elderly passenger even spat in a crew member’s face.
As the plane pushed back and rolled along the runway, we said our belated farewells to the airport. Or so we thought.
Two hours later, we finally took off, praying for an uneventful flight, which somehow we knew was unlikely.
They handed out the trays, which consisted of a salad, a roll, revolting airplane chicken and a melted dessert.
 “I’m never flying this crappy airline again,” many said as they stormed off the plane.
I’ve never been able to sleep on planes, so flying through the night for ten hours only to arrive at 8AM with a full day ahead of me has proven to be a brutal combination over the years.

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