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Speakout Advanced p 105. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 6B
1 The final verbs in the underlined phrases are in the Past Simple, except for 6, which is Past Perfect. 

2.  b

p 145
Ex 1
1 prefer

2 as were

3 How about
half-baked: not well planned or considered. E.g. a half-baked idea

4 the
live up to something: to do as well as or be as good as other people expect you to. E.g. He failed to live up to his parents' expectations. The team called ‘The No-Hopers’ certainly lived up to its name.

5 want that
come up with something: [no passive] to find or produce an answer, a sum of money, etc. E.g. She came up with a new idea for increasing sales. How soon can you come up with the money?

6 Rather

7 one time

8 as

Ex 2 
1 It's high time you spoke to your mother.

2 Suppose I pressed this button, what would happen?

3 They treat that girl as though she were a princess.

4 Given the choice, I'd sooner learn Chinese than German.

5 What if there were a volcanic eruption in a densely populated area?

6 It's about time she stopped smoking.

7 They behave as if they own/ owned the place.
present: they do
past: they don't

8 I'd rather you didn't go there.

Ex 7
1 was

2 hadn't

3 time

4 had

5 rather

6 imagine

7 if

8 would

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