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Speakout Advanced p 111. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 4
1 c)

2 f)

3 a)

4 e)

5 b)

6 d)

p 144
rant (on) (about something)| rant at somebody to speak or complain about something in a loud and/ or angry way. E.g. Ned paced back and forth, ranting about some imagined injustice. She was still ranting on about the unfairness of it all.
rant and rave (disapproving) to show that you are angry by shouting or complaining loudly for a long time. E.g. stop ranting and raving for a minute and start being honest with yourself.

rave (about somebody/something): to talk or write about something in a very enthusiastic way. E.g. The critics raved about his performance in ‘Hamlet’. 

not believe your luck: to be very surprised and very pleased. E.g. I couldn't believe my luck when I got accepted!

idyllic:  /ɪˈdɪlɪk/ (AmE /aɪˈdɪlɪk/) peaceful and beautiful; perfect, without problems. E.g. a house set in idyllic surroundings. To lead an idyllic existence. The cottage sounds idyllic.

all-time: (used when you are comparing things or saying how good or bad something is) of any time. E.g. one of the all-time great players. My all-time favourite song. Unemployment reached an all-time record of 3 million. Profits are at an all-time high/low.

up the wall: (informal) crazy or angry. E.g. That noise is driving me up the wall. I mustn't be late or Dad will go up the wall.

horrendous: /hɒˈrendəs/ extremely unpleasant and unacceptable. E.g. it was absolutely horrendous.

not somebody's cup of tea (informal) not what somebody likes or is interested in. E.g. An evening at the opera isn't everyone's cup of tea. He's nice enough but not really my cup of tea.

p 145
Ex 1
1 It was awesome - really the best concert ever

2 It wasn't my cup of tea. 

3 ... if there's one thing I can't stand for it's violence. 

4 Yes, it's an all-time classic. 

5 Oh, I thought it was absolutely incredible. 

6 It was a total waste of money.

Ex 5B
1 Honestly 

2 Basically 

3 Clearly 

4 surprisingly

5 simply 

6 Undoubtedly

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