Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ready for CAE p 50. Extra Listening: People Watchers Job Interviews. Vocabulary

Hinge on: to depend on sth completely. E.g. His success hinges on how well he does at the interview.
put sb/sth through their / its paces: to give sb/sth a number of tasks to perform in order to see what they are capable of doing
put sth in: to spend a lot of time or make a lot of effort doing sth: E.g. She often puts in twelve hours' work a day.
Attire: clothes: E.g. dressed in formal evening attire
Engaging: interesting or pleasant in a way that attracts your attention: e.g. an engaging smile
Temp: to do a temporary job or a series of temporary jobs: e.g. I’ve been temping for an employment agency.
come / spring to mind: if sth comes / springs to mind, you suddenly remember or think of it: e.g. When discussing influential modern artists, three names immediately come to mind.
Marquee: a large tent used at social events
Come across:
1 to be understood: e.g. He spoke for a long time but his meaning didn’t really come across.
2. to make a particular impression: e.g. She comes across well in interviews. 
Personable (adj) : attractive to other people because of having a pleasant appearance and character. Personably (adv.)
Amiable: /ˈeɪmiəbəl/ pleasant; friendly and easy to like
Spark: (chispa) a special quality of energy, intelligence or enthusiasm that makes sb very clever, amusing, etc.: e.g. As a writer he seemed to lack creative spark
Plonk: to put sth down on sth, especially noisily or carelessly: e.g. He plonked the books down on the table.  Just plonk your bag anywhere.
Expand on: to say more about sth and add some details:
Could you expand on that point, please?
Barge in (on sb/sth): to enter a place or join a group of people rudely interrupting what sb else is doing or saying: e.g. I hope you don’t mind me barging in like this.  He barged in on us while we were having a meeting
Badge: a small piece of metal or plastic, with a design or words on it, that a person wears to show that they belong to an organization, support sth, have achieved sth, have a particular rank, etc. (insignia, chapa)

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