Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ready for CAE p 27. Vocabulary

Ex A 

  • Change your tune: (informal) to express a different opinion or behave in a different way when your situation changes. E.g. Wait until it happens to him—he'll soon change his tune. 

  • Wear down, wear something down: to become, or make something become, gradually smaller or smoother by continuously using or rubbing it. Gastado E.g. Notice how the tread (dibujo) on this tyre has worn down.

Ex B 1

  • Sweeping: having an important effect on a large part of something. Radical. E.g. sweeping reforms/ changes.

  • Far-reaching: likely to have a lot of influence or many effects. De gran alcance. Trascendental. E.g. far-reaching consequences/ implications. Far-reaching changes/reforms.

 Ex C

  • Adjust: /əˈdʒʌst/ 

1.To get used to a new situation by changing the way you behave and/or think. Adapt. E.g. They'll be fine—they just need time to adjust. After a while his eyes adjusted to the dark. It took her a while to adjust to living alone.

2. To change something slightly to make it more suitable for a new set of conditions or to make it work better. E.g. Watch out for sharp bends and adjust your speed accordingly. This button is for adjusting the volume. Adjust your language to the age of your audience.

  • Switch

1. to change or make something change from one thing to another. E.g.  We're in the process of switching over to a new system of invoicing (facturación). 

2. to exchange one thing for another. E.g. The dates of the last two exams have been switched.  

  • Shift:

1. to move, or move something, from one position or place to another. E.g. The action of the novel shifts from Paris to London.

2. to change from one state, position, etc. to another. E.g. Public attitudes towards marriage have shifted over the past 50 years. The balance of power shifted away from workers towards employers. Her sympathies gradually shifted to the side of the protesters.

  • Alter: /ˈɔːltə(r)/ to become different; to make somebody/something different. E.g. Prices did not alter significantly during 2007. He had altered so much I scarcely recognized him. It doesn't alter the way I feel.  Nothing can alter the fact that we are to blame. The landscape has been radically altered, severely damaging wildlife. This incident altered the whole course of events.

  • Amend: to change a law, document, statement, etc. slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it. Corregir, enmendar. E.g. He asked to see the amended version. The law has been amended to read as follows:…

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