Saturday, 7 November 2009

Ready for CAE p 29. Multiple-choice Cloze. Vocabulary

Multiple-choice cloze
  • Flock: to go or gather together somewhere in large numbers. E.g. Thousands of people flocked to the beach this weekend. Huge numbers of birds had flocked together by the lake.
  • Brass(latón): the musical instruments made of metal, such as trumpets or French horns, that form a band or section of an orchestra; the people who play them. E.g. music for piano, strings and brass.
  • Brass band: a group of musicians who play brass instruments. E.g. The village brass band plays regular concerts.
  • Fraught with something: /frɔːt/ filled with something unpleasant. Lleno de E.g. a situation fraught with danger/difficulty/problems.
  • Break out: (of war, fighting, disease or other unpleasant events) to start suddenly. E.g. They had escaped to America shortly before war broke out in 1939. Fighting had broken out between rival groups of fans. Fire broke out during the night. The plague broke out in England in 1348 claiming many lives on its initial visit.
  • Taunt: /tɔːnt/ to try to make somebody angry or upset by saying unkind things about them, laughing at their failures, etc. Burlarse de. E.g. The other kids continually taunted him about his size.
  • Settle in/into something: to move into a new home, job, etc. and start to feel comfortable there. E.g. How are the kids settling into their new school? It's not always easy for a new player to settle in.  

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