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Ready for CAE p 27. Changes. Speaking

Ready for CAE Ss p 27 CHANGES Speaking

Useful language:


There is a globe on a stand so that it can be turned
The books are piled up
I can see gently falling snowflakes that are drifting slowly toward the parasol.
A man wearing swimming trunks is shivering on a sunbed.
The woman is wearing a bobble hat, a scarf and gloves
There is a fence in the background.


- A change in government could of course mean economic and social changes.
- One of the most significant changes in the last 50 years or so has been globalization. It is transforming our world.
- New technologies brought about a sweeping change in the second half of the twentieth century. It was a time of radical change caused by the many changes happening in technology with new advancements, discoveries, and inventions.
- People’s attitudes towards global warming have changed substantially
- I would like to vary my daily routine in order to have a less boring life.
- I gave up just about everything to pursue my career.
- But then six months later it was all over.
- I was quite happy about the whole thing until I had the worry about whether or not I had rushed into it too soon
- I wish I had put a bit more effort into adapting to that significant change
- I ended up being on the dole and with all that time on my hands I did a teaching degree. It was tough. Now I am about to get my first teaching position and that’s an achievement that gives me immense satisfaction
- I had always wanted to become an actor, ever since I graduated from high school. My degree always got in the way of my plans, though. But as soon as I finished, there didn’t seem to be any reason to put it off, even though I was coming up to my thirtieth birthday. Once I got my family’s backing, there was no stopping me, really.
I just threw myself into my lifelong ambition. I had to really.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the fact that I was given the chance to fulfil my ambition. For that I will always be thankful
- Travelling and living in different countries has been one of the highlights of my life so far, at times an overwhelming experience and a great eye-opener.
- Inevitably though, it got to the point where the routine just got too much. I wasn’t developing professionally and nothing about the job pushed me to better myself. So when I was offered a new job, I jumped at the chance. It was a challenge of course but I refused to be daunted.
At first I found it all very thrilling
It was such a drastic and far-reaching change, that it altered radically my lifestyle.
- To bring about a successful life change you need to take action. To quit smoking, lose weight, or make other important lifestyle changes, you'll need to stop bad habits by finding good alternatives. It can be extremely difficult because the bad habits have been reinforced over lengthy periods, often many years.
- New parents can suddenly feel overwhelmed by how their life has changed. As much as they thought about how their life was going to change, no one can really prepare them for it. I think new dads tend to get back into their routines much faster than new mums.
- I find it difficult to adjust to clock change in the winter. I would prefer to do sports and other outdoor leisure activities during daylight hours.
- In many cases, we need to first change our behaviour before we can change our beliefs. I have to start with acting differently and it's the process of engaging in new behaviours that helps me start to develop new attitudes.
- Working in shifts has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantages, in my opinion, far outnumber the disadvantages….
However, people who work in shifts tend to neglect socializing due to the constant schedule changes.

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