Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ready for CAE p 23. Hadrian's Wall

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  1. Pedro J. Romaguera3 November 2009 at 03:22

    History channel is great for history lovers just like me. I like history very much, specially the last years of the Roman Empire (470-476 AD), that was so daunting period because the Empire was on the verge of dissapearing and everybody (including the romans themselves) wanted to have a piece of the big cake that the dying empire represented. The empire whose last big military commander, Flavius Aetius (who allied with Visigothics to win Attila the Hun)was cowardly killed by the emperor.
    Nowadays, as seen on the Google Maps, the Hadrian's Wall is just a ruin, thanks godness well cared, not like the Roman Villa we have...for example in Santa Ponça.

    Pedro J. Romaguera.


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