Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ready for CAE p 33. Vocabulary

Ex 1
Hurl: to throw something/somebody violently in a particular direction. Arrojar. E.g. He hurled a brick through the window. 
Ex 1
Casually: not showing much care or thought; seeming not to be worried; not wanting to show that something is important to you. E.g. ‘What did he say about me?’ she asked as casually as she could. They chatted casually on the phone. Dressed casually in jeans and T-shirt.
Ex 2
Waterproof: (usually plural: waterproofs) a piece of clothing made from material that does not let water through. E.g. You'll need waterproofs (= a waterproof jacket and trousers/pants). 
Ex 1
It’s a good job: I am pleased/lucky. Used to say that you are pleased about a situation or that somebody is lucky that something happened. E.g. It's a good job you were there to help.
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