Friday, 8 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 39.Kevin Mccloud's Grand Tour: Rome. Extra Listening

Min 33
Fill in the gaps with a word or phrase.

  1. Rome is designed to impress from the minute you _________________.
  2. From the square you can see ___________________ the heart of Rome.
  3. Pope Sixtus V turned Rome from a deserted village ________________ of the modern world.
  4. The layout of the streets of Rome reminds us of the ________________ of New York and the boulevards of Paris.
  5. In the Great Fire of London 13.000 buildings ______________________.
  6. Christopher Wren’s singular vision of London was prevented from being realised by a ____________ parliament and London’s complicated property Laws.
  7. After the Great Fire, London’s streets ________________ and its wooden houses re-erected in stone.
  8. In the Renaissance people thought that The Pantheon was not built by human beings, but by _________________.
  9. Nine metres is the height of a ____________________ building.
  10. Wren fought hard to have a dome and not a medieval ____________ on the roof of St. Paul’s.


1. set eyes on it 

2. right down into

3. into the envy

4. grid pattern

5. caught fire

6. stubborn

7. were widened

8. demons

9. three-storey

10. spire


Rummage: to move things around carelessly while searching for sth:
She was rummaging around in her bag for her keys.
 I rummaged through the contents of the box until I found the book I wanted.
“Hurgar, rebuscar”.

Potentate: a ruler who has a lot of power, especially when this is not restricted by a parliament, etc.
“Soberano absoluto”

draw breath (BrE) (US draw a breath): 1. to stop doing sth and rest: e.g. She talks all the time and hardly stops to draw breath.
2. (literary) to live; to be alive: e.g. He was as kind a man as ever drew breath.

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