Friday, 2 April 2010

Ready for CAE p 188. Language Focus: Noun Phrases. Vocabulary

Trip: to catch your foot on something and fall or almost fall. Tropezar. E.g. she tripped and fell. Someone will trip over that cable.

Perch (on something)to be placed on the top or the edge of something. E.g. the hotel perched precariously /prɪˈkeəriəsli/ on a steep hillside.

Height of somethingan extreme example of a particular quality. E.g. Height of luxury.

Net curtain: a very thin curtain that you hang at a window, which allows light to enter but stops people outside from being able to see inside. Visillo.

Flap: to move or to make something move up and down or from side to side, often making a noise. E.g. the sails flapped in the breeze.

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