Friday, 2 April 2010

Ready for CAE p 183. Money Buys Happiness. Vocabulary

Windfall: an amount of money that somebody/something wins or receives unexpectedly. Ganancia inesperada. E.g. the hospital got a sudden windfall of £300000.

Receipt: /rɪˈsiːt/ the act of receiving something. Recepción. E.g. to acknowledge receipt of a letter.

Outlook: the attitude to life and the world of a particular person, group or culture. Perspectiva, punto de vista. E.g. he had a practical outlook on life. 

Contented: /kənˈtentɪd/ showing or feeling happiness or satisfaction, especially because your life is good. Satisfecho. E.g. a contented smile. He was a contented man.

Leap: a long or high jump. E.g. a leap of six metres

Wear off: to gradually disappear or stop. Pasar, desgastarse, desaparecer. E.g. the effects of the drug will soon wear off. The novelty of married life was beginning to wear off. 

Contentment: /kənˈtentmənt/ a feeling of happiness or satisfaction. Satisfacción. E.g. he has found contentment at last. A sigh of contentment

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