Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ready for CAE p 181. Listening: Advice on Money Matters. Vocabulary

Get down to: to begin to do something; to give serious attention to something. Let's get down to business.I like to get down to work by 9. It's time I got down to thinking about that essay.

Maintenance: money given by sb to sb to pay for food. Pensión alimenticia.

Outgoings: money you spend. Gastos

Overdraft: /ˈəʊvədrɑːft/ the amount of money that you owe to a bank when you have spent more money than is in your bank account; an arrangement that allows you to do this. Descubierto. E.g. to pay off an overdraft. I had to arrange an overdraft to pay for the car. The savings account has no overdraft facility. To run up (accumulate) an overdraft.

Overdrawn: having taken more money out of your bank account than you have in it. En números rojos. E.g. I'm overdrawn by £100. Do you have to pay charges if you go overdrawn?

Strike a balance: to manage to find a way of being fair to two opposing things; to find an acceptable position which is between two things. Lograr un equilibrio. E.g. It's a question of striking the right balance between quality and productivity.

Pay sth off: to finish paying money owed for something. We paid off our mortgage after fifteen years.

Be down to: Be because of. Se debe a, se atribuye a. E.g. It is all down to healthy living.  

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