Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ready for CAE p 176. Listening: Vocabulary

Produce: /ˈprɒdjuːs/ things that have been made or grown, especially things connected with farming. Productos alimenticios. E.g. farm produce. The shop sells only fresh local produce. It says on the label ‘Produce of France’.

Crunch: a noise like the sound of something firm being crushed. Crujido. E.g. the crunch of feet on snow.

Bland: not having a strong or interesting taste. Soso, insípido. E.g. a rather bland diet of soup, fish and bread.

Dry up: to become completely dry. E.g. during the drought (/draʊt/ a long period of time when there is little or no rain) the river dried up. 

Fussy: too concerned or worried about details or standards, especially unimportant ones. Quisquilloso. E.g. she's such a fussy eater.‘Where do you want to go for lunch?’ ‘I'm not fussy (= I don't mind).’ 

Fizzy drink: a drink with bubbles. Refresco con gas. 

Serve sth up: to put food onto plates and give it to people. Servir. E.g. he served up a delicious meal.

Outlet: a shop/store or an organization that sells goods made by a particular company or of a particular type. Punto de venta.  E.g. the business has 34 retail outlets in this state alone.

Overhear: to hear, especially by accident, a conversation in which you are not involved. Oír por casualidad. E.g. we talked quietly so as not to be overheard. I overheard a conversation between two boys on the bus.
Go about sth: to start working on something. Tackle. Emprender. E.g. how should I go about finding a job?

Put sth. together: to make or prepare something by fitting or collecting parts together. Montar, juntar.  E.g. to put together a model plane/an essay/a meal.

Give in: to admit that you have been defeated by somebody/something. Ceder, darse por vencido. E.g. the rebels were forced to give in. 

Pig out (on) sth: to eat too much food. Darse un atracón. E.g. they pigged out on pizza. 

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