Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ready for CAE p 175. Deception. Vocabulary

Defraud: /dɪˈfrɔːd/ to get money illegally from a person or an organization by tricking them. Estafar. E.g. all three men were charged with conspiracy to defraud. Defraud somebody (of something): e.g. they were accused of defrauding the company of $14000.

Snout: /snaʊt/ the long nose and area around the mouth of some types of animal, such as a pig. Hocico.

Fruit bat: a bat that lives in hot countries and eats fruit. Murciélago de Samoa.

Trick somebody out of something: to get something from somebody by means of a trick. Estafarle algo a alguien. E.g. she was tricked out of her life savings.

Bogus: /ˈbəʊɡəs/ pretending to be real or genuine. False. Falso. E.g. a bogus doctor/contract. Bogus claims of injury by workers.

Take sb in to make somebody believe something that is not true. Deceive. E.g. she took me in completely with her story. Don't be taken in by his charm—he's ruthless (cruel).

Trickster: a person who tricks or cheats people. Estafador, embustero, embaucador. Confidence trickster: a person who defrauds someone after winning their confidence.

Fall for sth: to be tricked into believing something that is not true. E.g. I'm surprised you fell for that trick.

Con man: a man who tricks others into giving him money, etc. A con-man is short for confidence man, so named because one gives him money as a token of "confidence" in him. Estafador. E.g. I was tricked by a con man.

See through sb./sth.: to realize the truth about somebody/something. Calar. E.g we saw through him from the start. I can see through your little game (= I am aware of the trick you are trying to play on me).

Take sb for a ride: 1. Lit. to carry someone about, usually for recreation, in a car, plane, boat, etc. E.g would you take us for a ride in your boat? Please take me for a ride in your new car.

2. Fig. to deceive someone. E.g. you really took those people for a ride. They really believed you. I was taken for a ride on this matter.
Mug: a person who is stupid and easy to trick. Ingenuo. E.g. They made me look a complete mug. He's no mug.
Yield: to produce or provide something, for example a profit, result or crop. Producir. High-yielding (de alto rendimiento).
Annuity: /əˈnjuːəti/
a type of insurance that pays a fixed amount of money to somebody each year. E.g. income from pensions, annuities and trusts
Scheme: a plan or system for doing or organizing something. E.g. a training scheme
Verb: to cheat somebody in order to get something, especially money, from them. Estafar, timar. Swindle sb out of sth: they swindled him out of hundreds of dollars. Swindle sth out of sb: they swindled hundreds of dollars out of him. 
Noun: a situation in which somebody uses dishonest or illegal methods in order to get money from a company, another person, etc. A con (confidence trick). Timo, estafa.
Swindler: con man. Estafador 

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