Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ready for CAE p 72. John Malkovich's Talents. Extra Listening


1. What did the character played by Javier Bardem want to be?

2. Why is the film John Malkovich has just directed different from the previous ones?

3. What were his first three films about?

4. What was the Japanese guy worried about?

5. What is special about the suit he is wearing during the interview?

6. What are some of the talents John Malkovich possesses?

7. What talent does he share with the interviewer, Jon Stewart?

8. What is John Malkovich driven by?

9. What was he asked to do he was not sure he could do?

10. How does Jon Stewart feel about the fashion industry?


1. A goat farmer.

2. It is his first feature-length film.

3. fashion.

4. Tidal waves.

5. He designed it.

6. He designs things; he is a film director; an actor; he makes furniture; he cooks; he drinks water!; he drinks wine.

7. Drinking water.

8. Curiosity about things.

9. To design a line of men’s clothing.

10. He has too much disdain for it, perhaps even contempt. he says it is an odd corrupt world.

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