Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ready for CAE p 78. My Constant Fight to Stay Awake. Vocabulary

Narcolepsy: a condition in which sby falls into a deep sleep when they are in relaxing surroundings.
To nod off: (informal) to fall asleep for a short time while you are sitting in a chair.
To service: [usually passive] to examine a vehicle or machine and repair it if necessary so that it continues to work correctly.
To snooze: (informal) to have a short light sleep, especially during the day and usually not in bed.
The sack: (BrE, informal) being told by your employer that you can no longer continue working for a company, etc., usually because of sthg that you have done wrong.
However tired: Por muy cansado…
To baffle: to confuse sby completely; to be too difficult or strange for sby to understand or explain.
Blind: a covering for a window, especially one made of a roll of cloth that is fixed at the top of the window and can be pulled up and down.
To draw a blind: to open or close curtains, etc.
Bouncer: a person employed to stand at the entrance to a club, pub, etc. to stop people who are not wanted from going in, and to throw out people who are causing trouble inside.
Inebriated: drunk.
Arousal: excitement.
To slump: to sit or fall down heavily.
To drop: to fall or make sthg fall deliberately.
Surge: a sudden increase of a strong feeling.
To hold: to support the weight of sby/sthg.
Buckle: to crush or bend sth
To be taken aback: [usually passive] to shock or surprise sby very much
High-pitched: (of sounds) very high.
Squeal: a long high cry or sound.
To snap out of: to help sby to stop feeling unhappy.
To come round: to become conscious again.
Fresh-faced: having a young, healthy-looking face.
Overwhelming: very great or very strong; so powerful that you cannot resist it or decide how to react.
To put sthg down to: to attribute, to consider that sthg is caused by sthg.
Tablet: (especially BrE) a small round solid piece of medicine that you swallow.
Condition: the state of sby’s health or how fit they are. an illness or a medical problem that you have for a long time because it is not possible to cure it.
Mood: the way you are feeling at a particular time.
To level out: to stay at a steady level of development or progress after a period of sharp rises or falls.
Tiny: very small in size or amount.
To take sby / sthg for granted: to be so used to sby/sthg that you do not recognise their true value any more and do not show that you are grateful.
To encounter: to experience sthg, especially sthg unpleasant or difficult, while you are trying to do sthg else.
Rejection: refusal to accept sthg or sby.
To turn up: to appear.
Forlorn: appearing lonely and unhappy.
To turn down: to reject or refuse to consider an offer, a proposal, etc. or the person who makes it.
Happy-go-lucky: not caring or worrying about the future.
To crack a joke: to tell a joke.
To set off: to start a process or series of events.
To look on the bright side: to be cheerful or positive about a bad situation, for example by thinking only of the advantages and not the disadvantages.
To grin: to smile.

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