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Ready for CAE p 72. Intelligence and Stupidity. Extra Speaking

Ready for CAE Ss p 72. Intelligence and Stupidity. Extra Speaking

An accomplished dancer/pianist/singer. Accomplished: very good at a particular thing; having a lot of skills.
A born artist/teacher/writer
Arty: seeming or wanting to be very artistic or interested in the arts: e.g. She hangs out with the arty types she met at drama school.
A competent driver/lawyer/skier
An experienced journalist/manager/professional
An expert cook/gardener/skier
A gifted musician/ sportswoman/ student
Gifted: having a lot of natural ability or intelligence.
Gift: a special ability to do something.
To have a flair for something to have a natural ability to do something well. E.g. He has a flair for languages.
A proficient horsewoman/pilot/typist. Proficient: (competente) able to do sth well because of training and practice: She’s proficient in several languages. He’s proficient at his job. I’m a reasonably proficient driver.
A promising athlete/player/student. Promising: ( prometedor) showing signs of being good or successful: He was voted the most promising new actor for his part in the movie. The weather doesn’t look very promising.
A skilled craftsman/technician/worker (Hábil)
A skilful card player/diplomat/footballer (habilidoso)
A strong swimmer
Brainy: very intelligent.
Excel: (in / at sth / at doing sth) to be very good at doing sth: e.g. She has always excelled in foreign languages.
Underperform: to not be as successful as was expected
Master: to learn or understand sth completely: e.g. to master new skills / techniques. French was a language he had never mastered.
Self-sufficient (in sth): able to do or produce everything that you need without the help of other people: e.g. The country is totally self-sufficient in food production.

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