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Ready for CAE p 75. Intelligence and Ability. Extra Speaking

Ready for CAE Ss p 75. Intelligence and Ability. Extra Speaking
Useful Language
He was a brainy student who didn't fit in socially.
The parents of a bright child or the gifted child are rarely aware of their child's extraordinary abilities.
A great teacher produces a brilliant student.
Elias James Corey was a whizzkid from Methuen who wrote his doctoral thesis in four weeks, earned a PhD at age 22 and was made a full professor at 27. At 62, he won an award that friends and colleagues said was years, even decades, overdue: the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
One of my neighbours has a gift for languages. She's also interested in politics and foreign cultures and wants to make a difference in the world. Like any good newspaper journalist, she has a nose for a good story.
I discovered that I have an ear for accents, and I quickly pick up (identify) the accent of the speakers around me.
I love cooking and socialising with friends. We have barbeques and parties in the summer. I'm a dab hand at DIY and can fix anything mechanical.
I'm an ace at planning and management (I even scare myself sometimes, I'm so organised! ), just not so good at having spontaneous ideas, though.
I'm a strong team leader with the ability to motivate others.
I'm not a computer expert at all.
I'm afraid I could never be a businessman, I don't have a head for figures.
In some areas I am hopeless but I do have an eye for specific details.
I am terrible at spelling.
I have never been good with my hands.
I don't shine in sports or dancing or singing.
Joan Baez is a hugely talented songwriter, who writes with honesty and wit and her rhymes are set to absolutely superb music.
He is the fastest runner in his school; at 15 he is a highly promising athlete, perhaps Olympic material.
He is an exceptionally gifted violinist with extraordinary musical perception.
He is a very promising talent and has proven many great achievements since he started playing tennis.
She is a remarkably intelligent athlete, fully engaged in important issues of public policy, and willing to listen and learn as she seeks to make the world a better place.
I would say that he is outstandingly talented in artistic ways, also very talented in drawing.
I know he is a born teacher and teaches with kindness, compassion, a sense of humour and intuition.
I strongly believe that everyone is naturally gifted and their talents should be celebrated.

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