Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ready for CAE p 82. Vocabulary

Hippocampus: /ˌhɪpəˈkæmpəs/
Analysis: /əˈnæləsɪs/ pl analyses /əˈnæləsiːz/
Counterpart: a person or thing that has the same position or function as sb/sth else in a different place or situation. Homólogo
Accomplished: very good at a particular thing; having a lot of skills: e.g. an accomplished artist / actor / chef. She was an elegant and accomplished woman.
Sleep rough: to spend the night in the open; be without a home or without shelter.
Sleep Soundly: deeply, peacefully, without waking How can he sleep soundly at night?
A deep/light sleep (=one that is difficult/easy to wake up from)
Light sleeper: one easily wakened.
Set sb/sth apart (from sb/sth): to make sb/sth different from or better than others:
Her elegant style sets her apart from other journalists.

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