Monday, 1 February 2010

Ready for CAE p 81. Vocabulary

Outrageous: very unusual and slightly shocking: e.g. she says the most outrageous things sometimes.
Potent: powerful: e.g. a potent force.
Flock: to go or gather together somewhere in large numbers: e.g. Thousands of people flocked to the beach this weekend. People flocked to hear him speak.
Dimly: not very brightly or clearly: e.g. a dimly lit room.
Tub: a large round container without a lid, used for washing clothes in, growing plants in, etc. Barreño.
Harness: to control and use the force or strength of sth to produce power or to achieve sth: e.g. attempts to harness the sun’s rays as a source of energy. We must harness the skill and creativity of our workforce. Explotar
Drone: /drəʊn/ to make a continuous low noise: e.g. a plane was droning in the distance. A droning voice (voz monótona).
Rot: to decay, or make sth decay, naturally and gradually. SYN decompose. Pudrirse: e.g. rotting leaves
Prop: a person or thing that gives help or support to sb/sth

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