Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ready for CAE p 98. Holding Back the Years. Vocabulary

- Hold back:
hold sb/sth back
1. to prevent sb/sth from moving forward or crossing sth:
The police were unable to hold back the crowd.
2. to prevent the progress or development of sb/sth. Frenar:
Do you think that mixed ability classes hold back the better students?

- Stiff: (MUSCLES)when a person is stiff, their muscles hurt when they move them:
I’m really stiff after that bike ride yesterday. I’ve got a stiff neck. Entumecido, agarrotado
- Joint: articulación
- Lift: (HAPPIER FEELING) a feeling of being happier or more confident than before. Impulso
SYN boost:
Passing the exam gave him a real lift
- detox noun [U] (informal) [ˌdiːˈtɒks] [ˈdiːtɒks] the process of removing harmful substances from your body by only eating and drinking particular things
- The blues: feelings of sadness:
the Monday morning blues. La depre
- Sharpen: if a sense or feeling sharpens or sth sharpens it, it becomes stronger and/or clearer:
The sea air sharpened our appetites.
- work wonders: to achieve very good results:
Her new diet and exercise programme has worked wonders for her.
- before / in front of sb’s (very) eyes: in sb’s presence; in front of sb:
He had seen his life’s work destroyed before his very eyes.
- marked adjective. Easy to see
SYN noticeable, distinct. Acusado, marcado:
A marked difference / improvement. A marked increase in profits. She is quiet and studious, in marked contrast to her sister.
- Scalp: cuero cabelludo

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