Thursday, 18 February 2010

Order of Adjectives

You can check this site or this other site for an explanation and exercises.
As you will see, in one site the order we get is SIZE+AGE+SHAPE and in the other site SIZE+SHAPE+AGE.
Here you have a summary. Note that this is the normal order, but it is not the only possible order:
1. Opinion: excellent, lovely, ugly...
2. Size: big, huge, long, tiny,..
3. Physical quality: dry, wet, hard, soft, hot, cold, light, heavy,..
4. Age: New, old, recent, young,..
5. Shape: circular, round, spiky, square,..
6. Colour: green, pink,..
7. Location: distant, indoor, southern, west,...
8. Origin: African, Victorian, Muslim,..
9. Material: leather, metal, nylon, plastic, wooden,..
10. Type: economic, medical, scientific
11. Purpose: camping, running, swimming...

1. It's southern French style
2. We found a Victorian medical text.
3. I hate nylon running shorts.
4. I loved that old green sofa with the lovely round seats and the big soft cushions.

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