Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ready for CAE Ss p 91. Virtual Doctors. Vocabulary

- Fall ill

- Come out in sth: to become covered in spots, etc. on the skin: Hot weather makes her come out in a rash.

- Symptoms

- Mild: not severe or strong: A mild form of the disease. Use a soap that is mild on the skin

- Shingles: a disease that affects the nerves and produces a band of painful spots on the skin (herpes Zóster, culebrilla).

- Cleanse:[ klenz] to clean your skin or a wound:
a cleansing cream

- Analgesic: [ˌænəlˈdʒiːzɪk]: a substance that reduces pain.
SYN painkiller. Aspirin is a mild analgesic.

- Consultation:[ˌkɒnsəlˈteɪʃ ən] a meeting with an expert, especially a doctor, to get advice or treatment

- Range (from A to B) to include a variety of different things in addition to those mentioned: She has had a number of different jobs, ranging from chef to swimming instructor. The conversation ranged widely (= covered a lot of different topics).

- Meet (a demand): to do or satisfy what is needed or what sb asks for
SYN fulfil.
How can we best meet the needs of all the different groups? Until these conditions are met we cannot proceed with the sale. I can’t possibly meet that deadline.

- Complaint: an illness, especially one that is not serious, and often one that affects a particular part of the body:
A skin complaint.

- Come up with: to find or produce an answer, a sum of money, etc.:
She came up with a new idea for increasing sales. How soon can you come up with the money?

- Contract: to get an illness: To contract AIDS / a virus / a disease.

- Provide sb (with sth) provide sth (for sb): to give sth to sb or make it available for them to use. The hospital has a commitment to provide the best possible medical care. We are here to provide a service for the public. We are here to provide the public with a service.

- point to sth: to mention sth that you think is important and/or the reason why a particular situation exists:
The board of directors pointed to falling productivity to justify their decision.

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