Monday, 19 October 2009

Ready for CAE p 18. Times Change Photos. Vocabulary

Ready for CAE Ss p 18. 01. Times Change Photos. Vocabulary
More Vocabulary:
The Grid: a system of electric wires or pipes carrying gas, for sending power over a large area:
the national grid (= the electricity supply in a country)
Daily: (also daily help) (old-fashioned, BrE) a person employed to come to sb’s house each day to clean it and do other jobs
Beat beat, beaten: defeat
Dustpan: a small flat container with a handle into which dust is brushed from the floor.
Win (sth) hands down(informal): to win sth very easily.
Drudgery: hard boring work (trabajo pesado). Find examples here
Pursue: try to achieve sth
Core: most important; main or essential
Wary: cautious. Careful when dealing with sb/sth because you think that there may be a danger or problem. (cauteloso)
Appeal: a quality that makes sb/sth attractive or interesting (atractivo, encanto)
Scarcity: if there is a scarcity of sth, there is not enough of it and it is difficult to obtain it. Shortage (escasez)
Tradesman: shopkeeper (comerciante). A skilled person (artesano).
Kick-start: to do sth to help a process or project start more quickly. E.g. The government’s attempt to kick-start the economy has failed (Activar)
About: (place) is anyone about? ¿hay alguien?
is Mr Brown about? ¿está por aquí el Sr. Brown?
Mayhem: confusion and fear (caos)

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