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Ready for CAE p 18. Times Change. Speaking

Ready for CAE p 18 TIMES CHANGE Speaking
Useful language


Dustcart (Br E) garbage truck (Am E): a vehicle for collecting rubbish / garbage from outside houses, etc
Can: a metal container for food and drink.
Dustman: (also informal: binman; formal: refuse collector; NAmE: garbage man): a person whose job is to remove waste from outside houses, etc
In the old days the radio was called the wireless. You can say for example: I heard it on the wireless.
The whole family gathered round the Radio
In the past people used to listen to the radio. Nowadays we usually watch TV.
They had to tune the radio dial whereas we switch TV channels.


Our generation has witnessed a significant change.
We are faced with the need to adjust to change.
Younger generations in particular adjust effortlessly. They are used to life at a high-speed.
Some people adapt easily in a shorter period of time.
Sometimes older generations struggle to cope with change.
Since the invention of the internet our lifestyles have changed significantly
The invention of the atomic bomb brought about a dramatic change and not precisely for the better.
Mobile phones have completely transformed our social habits.
Electricity brought far-reaching prosperity. However, the old paradigm can't be sustained.
The invention of the wheel really transformed the world. It immediately led to a sweeping change (having an important effect on a large part of sth)
When people learned to control fire, certain routines changed drastically. For instance they varied their diets.

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