Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ready for CAE p 12. Awards. Speaking

Speaking. Ready for CAE p.12

AWARDS Describe the Pictures Below and Answer These Questions: 1.
What is written under the flag behind President Barack Obama? Here is the answer

Useful Language:

Hair dryer, Oscar statue (statuette), glove, peak (visera).


Everyone who they met along the way got a kick out of their music in some way and many attended other gigs.

In the past few years Facebook’s users have skyrocketed as Facebook went mainstream. First among college students, then once it was open to the public, it blew the gates open as millions of new users young and old joined to check out this new social network. I think the Facebook team deserves an award.

He put the award down to his team's hard work.

The awards are a great way to recognise and celebrate the best of the city’s sports clubs, coaches, volunteers, and up and coming local talent.

She received a posthumous award for her outstanding contribution to…

He received an award for his outstanding achievement as actor.

With that award he had fulfilled his lifelong ambition of becoming the best player in the world.

A sports award should be given taking into consideration a variety of factors including; effort and improvement; attitude and disposition; contribution to others and commitment towards the sport; sporting ‘role model’ and actual sporting achievement.

  • Have a good head on your shoulders: to be a sensible person
  • Go to somebody's head: (of success, praise, etc.) to make you feel too proud of yourself in a way that other people find annoying.

  • Pretentious: /prɪˈtenʃəs/ trying to appear important, intelligent, etc. in order to impress other people; trying to be something that you are not, in order to impress. E.g. It was just an ordinary house—nothing pretentious. He's so pretentious!

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