Thursday, 8 October 2009


Speaking. Ready for CAE. Unit 1

Challenges and Motivation 1
Useful language:

She is talking to a priest.
She is wearing a polka dot dress
The man is wearing slippers.
He is going bald.
He also has some stubble on his face.
Couch /kaʊtʃ/
Lie (lying) lay lain (intransitive verb)
He is lying on the couch
Lay laid laid (transitive verb)
They are laying the rubber ring on the ground.
They are dragging the rubber ring down the lake.
They are wearing life vests
They are using ropes and wooden sticks for tying or pulling the rubber rings
They are climbing poles
They are wearing helmets
They are wearing a harness /ˈhɑː(r)nɪs/ around their waists

It was an overnight success
It was a resounding success
It was a roaring success (tremendous)
I was assured of success
I was delighted that he could do it
I was elated /iˈleɪtɪd/(very happy) by the prospect of the new job ahead
She was thrilled to bits (= extremely pleased) that he’d been offered the job
He was overjoyed (extremely happy) at my success
The English Department is astounded, amazed, taken aback, flabbergasted, dumbfounded, stunned, shocked, astonished, bowled over and staggered that we have such wonderful students...

It posed a challenge (to create a challenge that has to be dealt with)
It was a major challenge
I had to confront a big problem
I was a little apprehensive /ˌæprɪˈhensɪv/(worried or frightened) about the effects of what I had done
I felt a bit tense (nervous or worried)at first
He was always on edge (nervous) before an interview

I had to strengthen my motivation
My main ambition was…
I had always pursued my greatest ambition
It was an outstanding achievement
It was a remarkable achievement at first

It was doomed to failure from the start
It was a dismal failure
I was close to tears.
I was feeling weepy (sad)

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