Monday, 3 February 2014

Speakout Advanced p 126. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 2A
1 No sooner had she sat down than there was a knock at the door

2. Not only did you eat the last chocolate, but you also didn't buy any more.

3. Had I realised what was going to happen, I would have called you earlier.

4. Never again would they see anything like it.

5. Only now can I appreciate how difficult it must have been.

6. Had they gone to bed earlier, they might not have overslept.

Ex 5 A
a) the

b) to

c) time

d) that
subsidize somebody/something to give money to somebody or an organization to help pay for something. E.g. The housing projects are subsidized by the government.

e) for

f) taken

g) of (after not)

Ex 5B
1 c)

2 f)

3 a)

4 g)

5 d)

6 e)

7 b)

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