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Homework 2013-2014

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Bibliography Advanced 2 2013-2014
Speakout LEAD-IN
Unit 1: Speakout 1.1  Speakout 1.2  Speakout 1.3  Speakout 1.4 & 1.5
Unit 2 : Speakout 2.1: p 20  p 21 & 22  Speakout 2.2  Speakout 2.3 Speakout 2.4 & 2.5
Unit 3 : Speakout 3.1  Speakout 3.2  Speakout 3.3  Speakout 3.4 & 3.5
Unit 4 : Speakout 4.1  Speakout 4.2  Speakout 4.3  Speakout 4.4 & 4.5
Unit 5 : Speakout 5.1  Speakout 5.2  Speakout 5.3  Speakout 5.4 & 5.5
Unit 6 : Speakout 6.1  Speakout 6.2  Speakout 6.3  Speakout 6.4 & 6.5
Unit 7 : Speakout 7.1  Speakout 7.2  Speakout 7.3  Speakout 7.4 & 7.5
Unit 8 : Speakout 8.1  Speakout 8.2  Speakout 8.3  Speakout 8.4 & 8.5
Unit 9 : Speakout 9.1  Speakout 9.2  Speakout 9.3  Speakout 9.4 & 9.5
Unit 10 : Speakout 10.1  Speakout 10.2  Speakout 10.3  Speakout 10.4 & 10.5

Unit 1: Personal profile: My English and Me (deadline: 16 Oct) More ideas on how to write personal profiles on page 10.
Unit 2: Discursive essay: choose one of these statements and write a discursive essay. You will get more ideas on how to write an essay on p 25 and here. You will find useful language, here, here , here , here  and here  (deadline: 6 Nov). 
  • Medical advances will soon mean that people will live until they are 200 years old.
  • Individual countries do not have the right to interfere with the affairs of another country.
  • Books will always exist- people like the feel of paper.
  • Students, not the state, should pay university tuition fees.
  • Women should be promoted to top jobs in business and politics before men.
Unit 3: Proposal: write a proposal for a documentary about your country. You can find more details for this task on page 41. Here you can see examples of how to write proposals. Finally, you can find useful language for writing proposals on page 132 (3.3) and  here. (Deadline 25 Nov) 

Unit 4: A problem-solution essay: choose one of these topics and write a problem-solution essay. You will get more ideas on how to write a problem-solution essay on p 49 and here. You will find useful language, here, here , here , here  and here  (deadline: 16 Dec).
  • Human rights
  • Child labour
  • Economic development
  • Intellectual Property
  • Capital punishment
  • Religious freedom
  • Environmental awareness
  • Illegal immigration
  • Civil liberties
  • Free trade
  • Freedom of speech
  • Gun control
Unit 5: A narrative.  Choose one of the two options below and write a narrative. You will get more ideas on how to write narratives on p 58. You will also find useful language   here
A) Write a story which ends as follows: "He picked up the unopened envelope and set light to it with a match. With a faint smile on his face, he watched the remains crumble in the ashtray".
B) Write a scrapbook after Christmas with the activities you did together with family and friends. (deadline: 13 Jan) 

Unit 6: Write a report about the housing situation for young people. Find the details here. (Deadline: 3 Feb)

Unit 7: Make a presentation. Give a 10 minute presentation on one of the curriculum topics. You can find some tips here. Deadlines: before 30 Oct tell your teacher the topic. In February give the presentation.

Unit 8: Article. A series of articles is being published in a magazine you read under the title Tell Me What It's All About. The articles are all attempts to explain something that is currently popular to people who have never heard of it and know nothing whatsoever about it. Readers have been invited to send in their own articles under this title. Write your article, remembering that it must assume no knowledge of its subject on the part of the reader. To see how to write articles click here and also here. On page 97 you can also read some guidelines to improve descriptive writing. Finally, you can find useful language for writing here. (Deadline: 10 March)

Unit 9: Write a review of two books you have read this year.   Useful language .  (Deadlines: before 30 Oct tell your teacher the books you are going to read. In April hand in your review) Click here for a list of readers and more instructions for this assignment.

Unit 10: Character Reference. (deadline: 9 May). Find the details here 

You can do the exercises in Units 1-10 

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