Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ready for CAE p 67. Listening. Vocabulary

Immaterial (to sb/sth): not important or relevant in a particular situation. Irrelevant: E.g. The cost is immaterial. It is immaterial to me whether he stays or goes.
Hold back on sth: stop from moving forwards. To withhold something; to give or take only a limited amount.E.g. Hold back on the gravy. I'm on a diet. That's enough. Hold back. Save some for the others. Frenar
Stunts: escenas peligrosas
Rally: a car race on public roads or land.
Peak performance: best performance.
Roll: to turn over and over or round and round. Dar vueltas, rodar.
Noun: a long channel dug at the side of a field or road, to hold or take away water. Cuneta, acequia
Verb: to get rid of sth/sb because you no longer want or need it/them: E.g. The new road building programme has been ditched. He ditched his girlfriend.
Step in: to help sb in a disagreement or difficult situation: E.g. A local businessman stepped in with a large donation for the school. Intervenir.
Underrate: to not recognize how good, important, etc. sb/sth really is: E.g. He’s seriously underrated as a writer. An underrated movie. Subestimar

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