Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ready for CAE p 65. Relationships. Extra speaking

Ready for CAE Ss p 65. Relationships. Extra Speaking

Description of the picture on the left:

The picture portrays a tiny desert island with a palm tree in the centre. Perhaps this island is located in a tropical part of the world. I would say that because palm trees normally grow in tropical countries.
Anyway, underneath the palm tree, and sitting at either side of its trunk, we can clearly see a couple, who, judging by their posture and what they are saying to each other, seem to have quite a rocky relationship. They don’t face each other but, quite the opposite, they are sitting back to back, leaning against the tree trunk.
Both of them are wearing scruffy clothes and are barefoot. They look as though they are two castaways. They must have been shipwrecked and may have had to swim to this desert island.
We can’t say that they are getting on like a house on fire. On the one hand, she has folded her arms tightly across her chests. This comes to show us that she might be feeling uncomfortable or nervous. Studies have shown that when a person folds his arms not only has he negative thoughts about the other person, but he is also paying less attention to what is being said. On the other hand he appears to be completely unaware of how bored and confused she seems to be. I would say that the relationship must have turned sour some time ago.

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